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  • Opening Paragraph

    1. I was once spending the month of 1996 in a small seaside town in the north of Toronto. It is a quiet place and people seldom go there.
    2. Once upon a time there was an honest old fellow named Jack. He had a kind heart and a funny, round, good-humored face. He lived in a tiny cottage all alone, an every day he worked in his garden.
    3. What is the nature of the scientific attitude, the attitude of the man who studies and applies physics, chemistry, medicine, engineering, or any other science?
    4. 39 people were killed in the bank robbery yesterday.
    5. I was spending the night in my aunt's villa one summer. That night, being on a strange bed and feeling excited prevented me from sleeping. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. Suddenly, a strange noise coming from behind made me spin around.
    6. A true good student is one who possesses good morality, sound health, perfect knowledge and various abilities.
    7. Happiness is very important to our life. Shakespeare said, "One who is unhappy can never get a beneficial result."

    Closing Paragraph

    1. In short, we can say that science to human beings is like food to our bodies. Science frees us from the bondage of nature. Science itself is innocent, but sometimes man has misused it.
    2. With the foregoing three points in mind, one may be a true good student.
    3. If there was no homework on weekends, students would come to school on Monday well refreshed and willing to work. Teachers, don't you agree?
    4. Do you really think that Tokyo is the liveliest city in Japan? I never asked it. But I could read the answer in every eye.
    5. Now we can say that in the last quarter of the 20th century, society will probably have its greatest change.
    6. Later riser may find it very difficult to cultivate the habit of early rising. They ought to make special effort to do so. As the English proverb says, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."


    As the standard of living is getting higher, more and more people are buying cars just as they are buying T.V. sets. It is, however, debatable if buying a car in the city is advantageous or not. Having a car in the city, on the one hand, provides the owner with comfort and safety, but, on the other hand, involves a lot of worry and expense.

    There are some advantages to owning a car in the city. First, sitting in your car is much more comfortable than having to wait a long time for the arrival of the bus or train. In bad weather the driver of the car is warm and comfortable and is always guaranteed a seat. Second, in the city it is much safer to be in your car, especially at night, than having to walk down a dark street to get to a bus stop or train station.

    On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to owning a car. First, a car is expensive. Gasoline is not cheap and car insurance rates in the city are very high. There are other expenses to be considered too, such as car maintenance and repairs as well as having to pay for parking. Second, owning a car causes a lot of worry and stress. If you leave your car in the street, it might get stolen or its parts might get stolen. It is also very stressful to be driving on the highway or in traffic jams and there is the constant fear and stress of being involved in an accident.

    Owning a car in the city can be both advantageous by providing comfort and safety and disadvantageous by causing worry and stress as well as a lot of expenses to the driver. In my opinion, owning a car is indispensable for getting around safely and freely in a big city, and its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.


    My Mother

    My mother is a kind and gentle woman. She is always very genteel and takes good care of her children. We all love her and she loves us alike.

    My mother has too much to do in bringing us up. As our family is not rich, we cannot keep a nurse. So she has to get up very early and sleeps late every day. She works hard, yet without complaining.

    She is also a thrifty and industrious woman. She saves every penny that she can and keeps everything in order. As she has been busy ever since she was young, she looks older than she really is. Her face is wrinkled and her hair becomes silver white. But she still works as hard as ever.

    Often she says to us, "Work while you work, play while you play. If you do not work, you will become lazy and of no use to society." What a piece of good advice this is! We must keep it in our mind.

    A Rainy Day in the Countryside

    It was raining. The earth was soft and wet beneath my feet as I made my way up the path which led to the house. Large slabs of stone were arranged along the pathway, and as I stepped upon them, they wobbled so beneath my feet that I was afraid I might fall. Little drops of rain clung to grass which grew on both sides of the path.

    The house, which needed to be white-washed, looked even more gray and dreary than it did in yesterday's sunlight. The light which shone through the front window, however, seemed to lend to the house a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Beyond the house there was a stream of water which was flowing rather quickly, and I watched the cool, clear water as it ran over the stones. A dog stood on the other side of the narrow stream, looking cold and wet as the raindrops sprayed from his wagging tail.

    The entire countryside was indeed wet and dreary, and I was glad to go into the house from which shone the inviting light.


    Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Kentucky on February 12, 1809. When he was a small boy, his family moved to the frontier of Indiana. Here, his mother taught him to read and write. Lincoln had very little formal education, but he became one of the best educated men of the Great West.

    When Lincoln was a young man, he had to earn a living at an early age, but in his leisure time, he studied law. He soon became one of the best-known lawyers in the state capital at Springfield, Illinois.

    In 1860, Lincoln was elected President of the United States. He was the candidate of the Republican Party which opposed the creation of new slave states. Soon after his election, some of the Southern states set up the Confederate States of America. This action brought on the Civil War.

    On January 1, 1863, during the war, Lincoln issued his famous Emancipation proclamation. In this document, Lincoln proclaimed that all the slaves in the seceding states were to be free as of that date.

    Early in 1865, the Civil War came to an end with the defeat of the South by the North. Only a few days after the end of the War, Lincoln was shot by an actor named John Wilkes Booth. He died on April 14, 1865. In his death, the world lost one of the greatest men of the time.

    Respect for the Dead

    David Smith was a lawyer. He loved golf. He played it at the country club every weekend. Nothing would interfere with his golf games - not weather, not illness, not business, and not family.

    One Saturday morning, David was on the golf course. He swung at the ball with his club. It was a beautiful shot. The ball went 260 yards straight toward the cup in the middle of the green. It lay only twelve inches from the cup. David took his putter and prepared his putt. Suddenly he looked up. A funeral procession passed down the road next to the golf course. David stopped the game and bowed his head respectfully. His friend said to him,

    "You are a very remarkable man. You stopped your game and showed your respect for the dead. That was a wonderful thing."

    "Oh, that's nothing," David said, "I really loved her. We were married twenty-five years, you know."

    Musical Half Notes

    A musician who played pop music in a club lived in a boarding house. He always used to get back to his room very late at night. He was so tired when he got back that he would sit on the edge of his bed, take off his shoes, throw them on the floor, and then went to sleep.

    But the poor lodger who had the room under the musician's was woken up each night or early in the morning by the two thuds that the two shoes made as they landed on his ceiling. Finally, he could not bear it any more and went and complained to the musician. Naturally, the musician was very upset and promised that in future after taking off his shoes he would put them down as quietly as possible on the carpet.

    The next day, he got back from his club at about one o'clock in the morning, went up to his room, sat on the edge of his bed, took off one shoe and threw it on the floor. He was just about to do the same with the other when he suddenly remembered his promises. So with great care, he put the second shoe down silently on the carpet. Then he fell fast asleep.

    An hour later, he was woken up by a violent knocking on his door. "Please! Please! Please!" the lodger pleaded, "drop the other shoe. I've been waiting for a whole hour for you to drop it. As soon as you do, I can go to sleep."


    12 Peter Street
    Toronto, ON
    M6C 3B4
    April 30, 1996
    Ms. Concetta Connolly
    Secretarial Services Co-ordinator
    1750 Finch Avenue, East
    North York, ON
    Canada M1t 2E5
    Dear Ms. Connolly:
    Thanks for your recent letter to Mr. Jack Smith, our manager, regarding the return of the computer.

    Mr. Smith is absent from our company until May 12, 1996. Upon his return, I will advise him of your inquiry. I am sure that he will be in touch with you at that time.

    Sincerely yours,

    Larry Jackson
    Assistant Manager


    TO: All Support Staff Supervisors
    FROM: Jack Birt, General Manager
    DATE: May 12, 1996
    SUBJECT: Year-end Bonus for Support Staff
    I am pleased to announce that we will be distributing a year-end bonus to all support staff and middle management this year. We have increased sales by 25 percent in the past eight months and are up 40 percent from the same period last year.

    You have contributed to the rise in sales revenue this year. The bonus is one way of expressing our appreciation for your outstanding effort. We will issue your bonus checks on May 18, 1996 along with your regular pay checks.


    Readers are requested to note that from May 2, 1996, the library will be open during the following hours:

    8.00 a.m. ---------- 12.00 a.m.
    1.30 p.m. ----------  5.00 p.m
    Library Office


    Now available at Queen's Park one block from University of Toronto. New unfurnished apartment. One bedroom at $335, two bedrooms at $535, three bedrooms at $770 per month. Utilities included except electricity. Children and pets welcome. One month's deposit required.

    open Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Call 1234-567 
    for an evening or Sunday appoitment. 


                  Jack Birt
                  1101-82 Peter Street
                  Toronto, ON
                  M2A 2M2
                  Tel: (416) 696-1797
          B.A., Business, Accounting, Software, Hardware,
          Mandarin, Cantonese.
          Seeking an entry-level position relating to 
          business and working hard for a good Future.
        *  Is employed by Ray's Edusoft. Responsible 
           for selling the educational computer software.
        *  Was employed by Maco Restaurant Ltd.. 
           Responsible for preparing payroll.
        *  Was employed by Chedaning Fashion Ltd.. 
           as a supervisor
       Bachelor of Arts
       Major: Chinese
       East China Normal University
       Available on request.

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